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The Process for working together


Discovery Call

After you fill out my inquiry form, before booking, we hop on a free 15-minute discovery call so I can get to know you and your brief money story. This call is confidential. Just us, seeing if I might be the best money coach for you. 


2 Hour Intensive

If we are a good match, We begin with the two-hour intensive session. This stand-alone session requires some homework prior to our call and leaves you with an action plan for your finances. You will leave one step closer to giving yourself a raise. 


12 Week Coaching

The intensive is just the beginning of your money journey, and while I know you will get so much from this session, true transformation takes time, and why I offer a 12 week coaching package with a price based on a sliding scale of your current income.  

Money coaching that is

Tailored to Suit Your Financial Situation

Whether you need a 2-hour intensive to kick-start your financial healing or the 12-week program to truly get your money working for you, each offering is tailored to your own financial situation. I am here to help you (and your partner) build your financial success, just as you have built your successful career. 

2-Hour Intensive

A session to dive deep into your financials and build an action plan for your future. Not a 'one session fixes all approach' but your first steps for giving yourself a raise.

While all of my 12 week coaching clients do this with me as part of their time, you can book this as a stand-alone session to get one step closer to giving yourself a raise.  The session requires some homework and prep in order to ensure I can provide clarity and direction. The cost of a 2-hour intensive is the same for all:  $950 with 1 week of Voxer support after our session. 

12 Week Coaching

Whether you make less than $80k or multiple six-figures the tailored 12 week coaching program meets you right where you are at.

The 12 week coaching programs range in price based on your current income level. This sliding scale is meant to make it possible for you to feel financially secure while working with your financial coach (aka me). I am not here to put you in a more precarious financial corner. 



"Working with Kim has helped me navigate my financial wellness in an easy, fundamental, and accessible way. Before working with Kim financial wellness conversations were defeating. Now I feel like I have the tools to set financial wellness goals and achieve them. I was blown away by the clarity and level of learning I was able to do while still maintaining privacy.

I would recommend Kim because the information she shares is relevant across all levels of knowledge, with no feeling of being judged. Come ready to learn a lot, do the work, and meet your goals."
Fashion Marketing and Management
"Kim taught me that it’s not too late! 15years from retirement and I was just getting started. I had convinced myself that it could never happen and I was better off preparing to work until THE big exit! Kim showed me why and how it was possible.

Kim has walked the walk! She has a personal story to share that is so relatable. She alleviated any embarrassment I felt around my own financials. When you know better, you do better!! Kim keeps it simple and offers a safe non-judgmental learning space. She talks you through actionable steps aimed at opening your eyes and helping you take back control of your money and making it work better for you."
Debbi Wallace, NJ
Sr Account Consultant
"“I highly recommend Kim and her services to anyone interested in learning how to make the most out of their financial journey. Not only is she very wise and experienced when it comes to finances, she also offers helpful tools to keep you on track. Aside from that, she is the loveliest person that truly wants to help you come up with a unique plan to accomplish your goals. I found her to be a good listener, honest, realistic, a great encourager (she will absolutely be your biggest cheerleader) and also someone who challenged me to grow. It is clear that she is passionate about helping people be successful, for that reason I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”
Kala Mueller, NY
Program Coordinator
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Laura Kyle

I believe that you can get better with money and build a rock solid financial future,

Let me show you how.