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I know it is possible for you to find financial peace and security. It is never too late. You can always have enough.
Kim Hunter-Borst
Your personal money coach,

Kim Hunter-Borst

KHB financial is founded on the desire to help you find financial security first, then set you up for future financial success. 

This is money coaching for those who think it is too late. 

This is money coaching for those who feel like there is never enough. 

This is money coaching for those who are driven and tenacious in their careers and are ready to put that energy into their money. 

This is money coaching for those who believe in equity and putting humans first – always. 

Is this you? Let’s talk. 

I believe that you can have enough. I know it is never too late.

Let me show you how. 

I am a Certified Financial Coach

Your money is serious business, and I take my business just as seriously. That is why I am bringing both my own personal experience and certification to the table. So you can find some peace of mind in choosing to work with me.