Never Too Late.
Always Enough.

KHB Financial is your personal money coach, here to help you finally find ‘enough’ and build a rock-solid financial future. And, I know it’s possible without having to take on more because let’s be real who has time for that.

Founded by the desire to show people they can have more than enough and driven by the core belief that it is never too late to take control of your finances

You know you are ready to


It’s time you started showing up for your money as much as you do for your career.

Imagine going from this

Shopping at Nordstrom and Saks with your in-store credit card, knowing you’ll only be making the minimum payments

to this

No longer breaking a sweat when you head to the checkout counter because you know you’ve planned for these luxuries

Traveling abroad for a few weeks only to spend the next 6 months digging out of that debt.

Smiling in your first class seat to your dream destination, knowing you’ve saved exactly what you needed to fully pay for this trip

Praying your next bonus or tax return will cover the current financial crisis you’re trying to escape

Feeling financially secured, with no string attached to any ‘extra’ money headed your way

Getting migraines about affording the future – from retirement to your kids College tuition

Taking a breath because you found out it is never too late to afford your financial future

Your wealth, multiplied

What It Looks Like to Work together


Discovery Call

After you fill out my inquiry form, before booking, we hop on a free 15-minute discovery call so I can get to know you and your brief money story. This call is confidential and 100% nonjudgmental. Just seeing if I’m the best money coach for you. 


2 Hour Intensive

If we are a good match, We begin with the two-hour intensive session. This stand-alone session requires some homework prior to our call and leaves you with an action plan for your finances. You will leave one step closer to giving yourself a raise. 


12 Week Coaching

The intensive is just the beginning of your money journey, and while I know you will get so much from this session, true transformation takes time, and why I offer a 12 week coaching package with a price based on a sliding scale of your current income.  

My career was moving fast, but my money was always moving out of my hands even faster.
Kim Hunter-Borst
Meet your money coach,

Kim Hunter-Borst

Hi! I’m Kim, the founder KHB Financial and the friendly face you’ll be talking with to create your personalized financial approach to future-proof your money.

If you’ve landed here, you’re likely stressed and overwhelmed when it comes to money. Your paycheck is probably attached to crushing debt and your finances feel in too much disarray to ever plan for the future. That pit in your stomach just turned because its source was explained.

I know, because I’ve had that same stomach-turning pit too.

Rewind to my mid-twenties through my early 40’s . I was single, on the fast track in corporate America, and building the career of my dreams. I was making ‘good money’ as they say. My career was moving fast, but my money was always moving out of my hands even faster. Vacations, theatre, brunches on the weekend, Saks Fifth Avenue anytime I ‘needed’  new shoes.

If you had told my checking account I had made it, she would not have believed it. 

Then, I meet my husband and his two children, now my own. My job as stepmom became even more about overspending. When the kids started getting a bit older, my husband and I knew college was on the horizon. It was 2016, when the reality check hit us – despite our rising salaries and sparkling careers we had nothing to show for it. It was time to get our financials in order, but everything I found online said to stop spending, don’t buy lavish items (your girl really loves a good bottle of wine), and, of course, get ANOTHER stream of income, AKA: take on more work.

The fact is, that was not going to work for me or my husband.

Instead, I focused on leveraging our current income and aligning our behaviors to our desired outcomes. We did not give up everything or stop taking vacations. Instead, we found a way to identify what was vital and important to us – then got rid of the rest. Fast forward 5 years and we paid off $69,000 of debt, put our two kids through college debt-free, bought a lake house with friends, and built our retirement. We plan to leave a legacy for our children in the form of wealth, not micro-mansions with the equivalent-sized debt attached.

The transformation is possible, and as a certified financial educator, I am here to help you make that happen.

We plan to leave a legacy for our children in the form of wealth, not micro-mansions with the equivalent-sized debt attached.
Kim Hunter-Borst
The strategy behind our work together

The KHB Framework

Unlike other financial coaches, I am not here to tell you to take on more work, find a new side hustle, and stop drinking lattes or shopping at Nordstroms. Instead, in our work together, we will be using my three-step framework to help you give yourself a raise.

Leverage Your Current Career

No need to find a ‘side-hustle’ or spend every weekend and evening doing extra ‘gigs’ to make ends meet. Because let’s be real, at this level who has time for that.

Maximize Your Income

Let’s set a plan in motion to use your income to make your dreams and desires a no strings attached reality. It is time to feel the money you earn. 

Align Your Behaviors

There are probably some deep reasons why you spend or save or feel a certain kind of way about money. We are going to uncover those, then re-align to build a truly secure financial future. 

I am a Certified Financial Coach

Your money is serious business, and I take my business just as seriously. That is why I am bringing both my own personal experience and certification to the table. So you can find some peace of mind in choosing to work with me.



"My husband and I started working with Kim on our finances in 2017. She helped us pay off $150,000 of student loan debt while setting up our finances for our young family. We are now completely debt free and working toward building wealth and security.

Kim will tell you the truth and help you hold yourself accountable but in the warmest way. She operates with the utmost integrity and will help you navigate the confusing worlds of insurance and investments. Kim truly changed our lives and we are so blessed to have her as our teacher, our advisor, and our friend."
Liz Leebens, OH
Instructional Leader
"Working with Kim has helped me navigate my financial wellness in an easy, fundamental, and accessible way. Before working with Kim financial wellness conversations were defeating. Now I feel like I have the tools to set financial wellness goals and achieve them. I was blown away by the clarity and level of learning I was able to do while still maintaining privacy.

I would recommend Kim because the information she shares is relevant across all levels of knowledge, with no feeling of being judged. Come ready to learn a lot, do the work, and meet your goals."
Fashion Marketing and Management
"Since working with Kim, I pay more attention to where my money is going. I have also expanded my financial literacy with her guidance. So much so that I have been able to pay off my car which was a major accomplishment for me.

Kim has a way of simplifying the most intimidating financial topics and making you feel very comfortable asking questions. She leads from experience and creates plans that cater to your individual needs. You have SO much to gain educationally and financially. My advice, just do it!"
Amina Latreal, NJ
HR Manager

I believe that you can give yourself a raise by managing your money differently,

Let me show you how.